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Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Jellycat creates a wide range of cuddly creatures and amusable stuffies with incomparable personality.

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Bashful Bunny Sale priceFrom $21.95
Odette OstrichOdette Ostrich
Odette Ostrich Sale price$45.95
Kitten Caboodle Sale price$23.95
Bashful Black & Cream PuppyBashful Black & Cream Puppy
Bashful Black & Cream Puppy Sale priceFrom $21.95
Blossom Bunny Sale priceFrom $22.95
Bashful DinoBashful Dino
Bashful Dino Sale priceFrom $21.95
#size_Large - 12"#size_Large - 12"
Ricky Rain Frog Sale priceFrom $32.95
Amore Cat Sale priceFrom $23.95
Bashful MonkeyBashful Monkey
Bashful Monkey Sale priceFrom $21.95
SOLD OUT ONLINESherri SheepSherri Sheep
Sherri Sheep Sale price$32.95
Otto Sausage Dog
Otto Sausage Dog Sale price$35.95
Cyril SlothCyril Sloth
Cyril Sloth Sale price$42.95
Bertie Owlet
Bertie Owlet Sale price$25.95
Higgeldy PiggledyHiggeldy Piggledy
Higgeldy Piggledy Sale price$22.95
Fuddle ElephantFuddle Elephant
Fuddle Elephant Sale price$35.95
Bashful TurtleBashful Turtle
Bashful Turtle Sale price$21.95
Bashful UnicornBashful Unicorn
Bashful Unicorn Sale price$21.95
Colin ChameleonColin Chameleon
Colin Chameleon Sale price$30.95
Cooper LabradoodleCooper Labradoodle
Cooper Labradoodle Sale price$38.95
Bashful Toffee PuppyBashful Toffee Puppy
Bashful Toffee Puppy Sale price$21.95
Cluny CockerelCluny Cockerel
Cluny Cockerel Sale price$45.95
#size_Little - 9"#size_Little - 9"
Odell Octopus Sale priceFrom $21.95
Bashful Fudge Puppy
Bashful Fudge Puppy Sale price$21.95
Munroe Scottie DogMunroe Scottie Dog
Munroe Scottie Dog Sale price$35.95
Curvie Pig Sale price$38.95
#size_Little - 9"#size_Little - 9"
Storm Octopus Sale priceFrom $21.95
Fuddlewuddle PuppyFuddlewuddle Puppy
Fuddlewuddle Puppy Sale price$35.95
Bashful FoxBashful Fox
Bashful Fox Sale priceFrom $21.95
Alice AxolotlAlice Axolotl
Alice Axolotl Sale priceFrom $28.95
Bailey SlothBailey Sloth
Bailey Sloth Sale priceFrom $30.95
Amuseable CloudAmuseable Cloud
Amuseable Cloud Sale price$30.95
SOLD OUT ONLINESage DragonSage Dragon
Sage Dragon Sale price$35.95
Bashful LambBashful Lamb
Bashful Lamb Sale price$21.95
Bashful Lion
Bashful Lion Sale price$21.95
Andie AxolotlAndie Axolotl
Andie Axolotl Sale priceFrom $23.95
Betty Corgi
Betty Corgi Sale price$38.95
SOLD OUT ONLINEBumbly BearBumbly Bear
Bumbly Bear Sale price$28.95
SOLD OUT ONLINEBarn OwlingBarn Owling
Barn Owling Sale price$19.95
Sold outCecile ChickenCecile Chicken
Cecile Chicken Sale price$41.95
Carey Calf
Carey Calf Sale price$32.95
Snowy OwlingSnowy Owling
Snowy Owling Sale price$19.95
Luis LlamaLuis Llama
Luis Llama Sale price$42.95
Tumblie Sheep DogTumblie Sheep Dog
Tumblie Sheep Dog Sale price$38.95
Odyssey OctopusOdyssey Octopus
Odyssey Octopus Sale price$21.95
Swellegant Kitty Cat
Swellegant Kitty Cat Sale price$32.95
SOLD OUT ONLINEKara KangarooKara Kangaroo
Kara Kangaroo Sale price$34.95
Amuseable Birthday CakeAmuseable Birthday Cake
Amuseable Birthday Cake Sale price$36.95
Jinx MonsterJinx Monster
Jinx Monster Sale price$42.95

The history of Jellycat. (As far as we know).

The Jellycat family goes back to the dawn of time. Right back to the birth of the very first potato. In the beginning they were more of a tribe; a wild crew, bursting with fun and always, always ready to play. They were also extremely curious about us, especially the cats (that’s why they have those enormous eyes). During the ancient Egyptian empire, around 1900 BC, the cats decided to introduce themselves and quickly formed a deep bond with the humans. The ancient Egyptians adored the warmth, playfulness and amusement that the cats brought into their homes. It filled them with joy. They even made statues of the cats to honour them, some of which can still be found in museums today. As a result, the cats became sophisticated, wise and the natural leaders of the Jellycat tribe. They invited the Amuseables’ tribe to join them to become one big family. With each new generation, a single cat was crowned with a special Jelly hat - their symbol of joy. It reminded the family to treasure their playful natures and always share joy with others. The number nine is special to cats, so in 1999, the ninth generation of cat opened the Jellycat Studios in London, to share joy with the whole world through toys, accessories, books, music, films and social media. The ninth cat is called Jack Jellycat. He is touring the world this year to tell this story and celebrate 25 years of Jellycat Studios.

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