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Track My Down

With global sourcing, manufacturing and trade it has become more and more difficult for consumers to trust the marketing claims about a product. This is especially true in the down and feather industry where its the real value is is hidden from sight by fabric. With the advent of technology this is no longer a reason for consumers to simply act on blind faith.

Daniadown Home, partnering with Allied Feather & Down is proud to announce the launch of, a unique industry traceability and educational tool that empowers consumers to truly know what it is inside the item they are buying.

Consumers can simply log on to and enter the lot number of the down used in the item that is printed on hang tags, and or sewn on to the item. This will allow them access to all the relevant information about the down used in the item. The consumer will not only now know where their down comes from but will also be able to review its final fill power, content analysis and cleanliness results - all verified by independent third party laboratories.

Scan the QRCode attached to the product for a quick link to the technical report. (example shown below) 

Daniadown has been manufacturing duvets and pillows for close to 50 years and prides itself in offering quality products at fair prices, but above all else, Daniadown’s reputation was built on its founder’s family value of integrity. Providing our customers with independent laboratory test reports offer them the ability to “see inside” their duvet or pillow, allowing them to make a more informed and wise decision. Daniadown is the first bedding manufacturer in Canada and the US to offer this level of transparency to its customers. We are doing this so that we continue to earn our reputation for being trusted by generations of happy, well rested, sleepers.

Only products using down that we sourced through Allied Feather & Down, California, USA are eligible for the Trackmydown program. Currently this includes, Paradise, Pinnacle, Alpine Duvets and Paradise and Royal Pillows. We are working with our other valued suppliers in hopes of offering similar services for our other products.

To see what is inside you will need to know the Lot# of the Down used in your product. This can be found on a "trackmydown" hang tag that is attached to the outside of the product's packaging. It can also be found on a label that is sewn on to the product itself. Next simply click below and enter the Lot#. (please note this will open a new window on your browser)